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Our clients are entrepreneurs, founders, visionaries and disruptors. While the end result is usually a transaction, such as the sale of a business or a capital raise, our relationships go much deeper. We assist on strategy, challenge assumptions, and often connect our clients to potential new advisors, board members or new hires. We are supportive, yet candid.

Transactions are rarely simple and straightforward. They are multi-dimensional and unpredictable. Relationships count. We are side by side with you, helping to evaluate your options, helping you to be opportunistic, and to understand your choices.

We have personally invested in multiple companies, served on boards and mentored many entrepreneurs. We are entrepreneurs among entrepreneurs. If this approach resonates with you, we welcome the opportunity to talk to you.

We evaluate your unique objectives, providing guidance through the entire financing process to closing, enabling you to focus on

day-to-day operations.

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Strategic analysis of your value proposition to buyers beyond formulaic sales and profits
  • Senior level memorandum creation
  • Deep expertise and contacts with strategic and financial buyers focused in your market
  • Frequent communication on progress and presentation preparation

Raising Capital

As an entrepreneur, raising capital can be daunting and deceptively time consuming. There are a myriad of options and structures. We can help you make sense of these choices, optimize your time and effectively negotiate on your behalf. Our experience and relationships give us the ability to find the right investor mix as you seek expansion capital for growth, acquisitions or shareholder liquidity.

Strategic Advisory

We bring deep sector expertise, understanding at both a personal and strategic level the motivations of strategic and financial acquirers and investors. We know technology and tech-enabled services. It is in our DNA.
We work directly with clients and in partnerships with industry experts. Our strategic advisory services are designed to help technology leaders understand and plan for the future.
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